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Marriage Equality and Women’s Suffrage

In yesterday’s Supreme Court argument on gay marriage, two of the justices suggested that the marriage equality issue should be deferred to the states to facilitate continued debate.  Some have analogized this to women’s suffrage.  But the state experiment was a failure for women’s suffrage. Little was accomplished at the state level after 72 years.  Instead it took federal action, namely the Nineteenth Amendment, to guarantee that right.  Moreover, women’s rights advocates begged the Supreme Court to decide the issue.  Believing the privileges and immunities clause of the newly-enacted 14th Amendment provided a textual basis for granting women the constitutional right to vote, women began to vote in acts of civil disobedience.

Dari-Mattiacci, et al., on the Corporate Form

“The Dutch East India Company (VOC) is generally viewed as the first modern corporation, yet its 1602 charter did not introduce all features of legal personality…. Once capital became permanent, VOC directors needed and gained the final corporate feature of general limited liability in 1623.”  More here.

I think Charles A. Murray would like my idea for a “Poker for Law & Business” course.

Go here to find out why.

STUDENT POST – Spring Midterms Are Coming

By Amber Groghan

Next week is our Criminal mid-term.  It’s hard to believe that the semester is already half over! Our professor gave us a practice mid-term with a few questions so we will know what to expect on the test, which is very helpful.  Criminal is much more involved than I had expected.

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