A Woman in the White House

John McCain today announced that his vice-presidential running mate will be Sarah Palin, the Governor of Alaska.  The announcement of Palin, a 44-year-old supermom of 5, avid hunter, and former beauty queen, has rekindled the age-old political battle between sex and race. 

Some of the first responses to the announcement have realized that McCain's choice places a woman just a heartbeat away from the presidency.  After all, it's happened before.  In the 2006 TV series, Commander in Chief, Geena Davis played a vice-president who is elevated to the presidency when the president unexepctedly dies.   Davis's character is an Independent chosen by a Republican to woo women voters. 

What is even more familiar about the choice of Palin is the historical political and social opposition between gender and race.  We saw the opposition in the Hillary/Obama primaries and it continues on now in the national election.  As I have written before, such continued opposition of women and blacks avoids consideration of the important issues of the day.  For further discussion see “Sex v. Race, Again.”